Rob Tiettmeyer Wins PLDA Mile High Shootout

June 14, 2021

Rob Tiettmeyer is elated with the way the 2021 professional long drive season has been going for the former Chanticleer Rooster that now calls Palm City, Florida, home. Over the weekend, Big Tietts (as he is known on the world long drive stage) delivered a 461 yard blast at the Professional Long Drive Association’s “Mile High Shootout”. Held at Bigfoot Turf in La Salle, Colorado, it was the fifth event on the PLDA 2021 World Championship schedule. The victory at the mile high event will move Tiettmeyer well inside the Top 10 in championship points for the Men’s Open Division. The PLDA 2021 World Championship is set for September at Mesquite, NV. Last month, Tiettmeyer topped the Men’s Open Division on the Xtreme Long Drive tour’s “Crush the Canyon” event held at the Mesquite Sports Complex.

Tiettmeyer currently leads the XLD championship points race and has already solidified his spot in the championship round for the XLD World’s Challenge Series scheduled for September at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Chicago. Growing up about 40 minutes from Cincinnati in Aurora, Indiana, Rob attended Coastal Carolina University’s and graduated from the PGA Professional Golf Management program. Tiettmeyer worked as an assistant golf professional before moving to the Orlando area. Once he decided to dedicate himself to charitable causes and helping others hit the ball longer, Rob has competed at the highest level of professional long drive competition. Active on tour since 2012, Rob won the 2014 East Coast Classic long drive event and has seven World Long Drive Championship final appearances having finished tied for fifth in 2019.

David Mobley Keeps Win Streak Alive in Seniors Division

Well, it is becoming crystal clear what David Mobley was doing during the coronavirus pandemic; it wasn’t sheltering in place. Rumor has it the founder of Mob Golf spent most of last year on the driving range honing his winning skills. However, others say “hog wash” that David Mobley sold his soul to the devil a decade ago when he eclipsed the former world long drive record in the Senior Division at the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship by 54 yards. At the Mile High Shootout over the weekend, Mobley nailed a winning drive at Big Turf of 418 yards to win the PLDA Seniors Division at La Salle. Having appeared over 20 times in the RE/MAX world long drive championships, the multi-time World Long Drive Champion has devoted a lifetime of bringing enjoyment, excitement, and fun to golf fans through participating in hundreds of corporate golf events. Labeled the “People’s Champion” for good reason, Mobley’s joyful presence has helped to raise millions for charitable causes. In case you missed it, last month Mobley won the Masters Division, the Seniors Division, and the Super Seniors Division at the Xtreme Long Drive Tour’s Crush the Canyon event at Mesquite Sports Complex in Nevada. 

Photo Credit PLDA Facebook Gallery


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