Kyle Berkshire

Men's Open Division
Crofton Maryland

… With his long locks blowing in the wind and with his wild grip-it-and-rip-it swing, it would be easy for a casual observer to mistakenly believe that 2019 World Long-Drive Champion Kyle Berkshire is a mindless free spirit who just goes out to the tee box and unthinkingly smashes the golf ball out into the stratosphere. Nothing could be further from the truth.
In fact, very few competitors come anywhere close to putting in the amount of effort that Kyle Berkshire puts into not only crafting his golf swing, but also seeking as much information as he can in order to hit a golf ball as far as possible on each particular grid.
To this end Kyle can often be seen drawing-out a grid schematic on a notepad like a cartographer, jotting down every hard spot and every soft spot on the grid, as well as listing information regarding wind factors at various points on the grid, and then he inputs all of the related information onto that map to include: the point on the grid where his prior balls landed during preliminary rounds, and how far they rolled from that point. Kyle then inputs all of the related numbers for that drive to include: the ball-speed, the launch angle, and the ball-spin-rate. This map and the information on it will help him to have as much knowledge at his disposal as is possible for when gets on the tee box to hit balls later in the event’s campionship finals.
Dating all the way back in 2009 when he was a 12-year-old golfer embarking on a golf career that led his junior golf team to three Maryland State Championships, Kyle had the good fortune to have the tutelage of Top 50 Golf Instructor Bernie Najar from Caves Valley in Baltimore, MD.
When Kyle embarked on his college golf career at the University of North Texas, his coach Brad Stracke quickly realized that Kyle had world-class long-drive potential, so Kyle left the Mean Green and he headed back to work with Bernie Najar in order to achieve a swing that might bring him a world long-drive championship.
Bernie’s first goal was to create a swing for Kyle with higher hands in order to achieve a higher arc that would create a longer swing. He did this with the knowledge that golf swings are like freight trains, the farther it goes, the more speed it can potentially achieve.
Bernie’s second goal in the new swing-creation process was to propose a swing that would allow Kyle to push-off the ground as hard as possible in order to enhance both his swing-speed and his power by utilizing ground force to the greatest extent possible. This was achieved by the rocking back-and-forth motion, which Kyle uses after setting up in the address position.
Long-Drive instruction guru Bobby Peterson of the One Stop Power Shop was added to the team in order to add the final touches, and the rest is history.
In 2017 in his first year of long-drive competition Kyle immediately jumped into the Top 50 rankings with monster drives to get the win at the initial world long drive qualifier in Yucca Valley, California. Later in that long-drive season, Kyle made it all the way to the TV Final Eight Semi-Finals of the 2017 World Long-Drive Championships, losing only to eventual 2nd Place Finisher Mitch Grassing.
In 2018 Kyle got his first long-drive tour victory at the Winstar MidWest Slam and later in the season he posted a 228-mph tour ball speed record at the Tennessee Big Shots by Niswonger Hospital long-drive tour event; however, Kyle’s season ended when he lost his match to Jim Waldron in the Top 16 at the 2018 World Long-Drive Championships.
Following his win on September 4, 2019 at the 2019 World Long-Drive Championships at the Winstar Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma, on January 22, 2020, Kyle signed a hefty contract to be a member of the Callaway Golf Team.
Currently Kyle is gaming a Paderson LD 30 shaft with the specialized Callaway 5* driver head. Kyle’s other sponsors include Tornado Tees and AppSoft Development, Inc.
When he is not winning long-drive events or fine-tuning his game for long-drive competition, Kyle is engaged in offering a variety of long-drive related services to include: making personal appearances for charities as well as corporate outings, conducting golf and long-drive exhibitions, participating in fundraisers, and conducting golf clinics that offer not only classroom instruction but also include demonstrations of golf swing techniques and golf fitness and flexibility training. These services can be booked online at the website.


2020 World Ranking: No. 1
2020 PLDA National Championship - 1st Place
2020 PLDA Long Drive Series - 1st Place
2019 World Long Drive Championship - 1st Place
2019 WLD Tennessee Big Shots benefiting Niswonger Children’s Hospital - 1st Place
2019 WLD ROC City Rumble - 1st Place
2019 Long Drive Cherry Bomb Invitational - 1st Place
2019 WLD AK Chin Smash In The Sun - 2nd Place
2019 Endless Summer Invitational - Champion
2018 Midwest Slam Champion – Longest ball in the tournament
2018 Tennessee Big Shots – 2nd Place
2018 8 straight Quarterfinal appearances
2018 World Long Drive Championship – The Championship’s Longest Drive at 406 yards
2017 World Championship – 3rd Place
2017 Catawba Classic – Longest ball in the tournament by 24 yards at 439 yards, Tournament Record by 7 yards, also second longest ball at 417 yards
2017 Rockwell Blast – 2nd Longest ball at 451 yards – 3rd place
2017 Bash for Cash – Longest ball in preliminary group by 15 yards at 432 yards
2017 Tennessee Shootout – 5th place
2017 Endless Summer Invitational Qualifier Champion (debut) longest drive by 10 yards at 474 yards (Tournament Record)


Highest swing speed recorded – 152.6 mph /December 2018
Highest ball speed recorded – 228.5 mph (potential World Record) Smash Factor – 149.88 /December 2018
Longest competitive drive – 474 yards /March 2017
Ranked #1 in the World for Long Drive


Driver: Callaway
Loft: 2-4.6 Degrees
Shaft: Paderson Kinetixx
Flex: XXX


Callaway Golf
Appsoft Development

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