Tim Burke

Men's Open Division
Marietta Georgia

… Often times in sports competitions at the highest levels, particularly in individual head-to-head match-ups, one of the two competitors will be so intimidated by his foe that he will either freeze-up or he will try-too-hard, which in either instance will generally result in his failure to perform at his normal level. Tim Burke’s appearance on the tee box creates that nightmare scenario for many of his weaker-minded opponents.

Maybe, it is Tim’s imposing physical stature. Long-drive is filled with big men, many of whom are physical specimens in their own right; however, 6’6” 240-pound Tim Burke still towers over most of them… or maybe it’s Tim’s long and powerful swing that provides a thunderous crack at impact with the ball… or maybe it is the fact that many of Tim’s mis-hits are long-enough to beat the best balls of many top competitors… or maybe, it is Tim’s resume in long-drive, which includes having won two world long-drive championships along with garnering two second place finishes.

Tim seems to have been around long-drive for a long time, and he has…. However, at nearly 34-years of age he seems to be aging like a fine wine.

Tim was on the University of Miami Hurricane college baseball team, helping them to make it into the College World Series in 2009 when he first got interested in long-drive. He qualified for the world long-drive championships that same year. In 2011 Tim made his mark in the sport taking a Third Place finish at the Mile High Shootout long-drive tour event in Denver, Colorado.

Tim’s breakout year was 2012 when he finished the long-drive tour season year by winning the LDA Tour Players Championship and he followed that victory one month later by taking Second Place to Champion Ryan Winther at the 2012 World Long-Drive Championship on the Mesquite, Nevada grid.

Tim closed the deal and he finally got his first championship in 2013 at the Las Vegas International Motor Speedway by hitting a winning drive that was not only longer than any of the other seven competitors drives, Tim’s drive carried those drives by nearly twenty yards before coming to rest at the 427-yard mark.

Not being one to rest on his laurels or stand-pat, Tim followed his win at the 2013 world long-drive championships by seeking the help of Trevor Anderson of the Better Every Day Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida. Trevor quickly came to the evaluation that the one thing that Tim’s free-swinging style needed was stability, and he directed Tim to perform exercises like “planting” in order for Tim to maintain the mobility and coordination in his swing, while remaining as stable as possible.

Trevor’s assistance helped Tim to gain more consistency in his swing, which quickly resulted in Tim gaining consistency on the grid, so that he got far more quality drives in play. This instruction and effort paid off bigtime in 2015 when Tim got his second world long-drive championship title at the inaugural championship event at the Winstar Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

In the highly competitive and both mentally and physically draining sport of long-drive competitors can quickly rise and fall in the rankings within a few years, so many top long-drivers may not have been particularly foolish to assume in early 2019 that 33-year-old Tim Burke was washed-up and he didn’t have the juice to compete any longer with the young stallions; however, Tim put that to rest during the 2019 long-drive tour event season, during which he won two of those tour events, and then at the world long-drive championships he took a Second Place to champion Kyle Berkshire.

Dating back to 2010 Tim has had a sponsorship relationship with the Krank Golf long-drive powerhouse, and his achievements have been such that Fujikura offers Tim a custom XXX-Flex long-drive shaft, while Krank has developed a custom Tim Burke driver head.

Tim’s other sponsors include the Transperfect Consulting company, Under Armour Sports Apparel, and AppSoft Consulting.

By winning two world championships along with two second place finishes, Tim has recorded achievements that are unmatched and second-to-none during the past ten-year period. Another world championship would place Tim on a very small list of legendary long-drivers which includes only three-time champion Sean “The Beast” Fister along with five-time world long-drive champion and G.O.A.T… Jason “Golfzilla” Zuback


2019 World Long Drive Championship - 2nd Place
2019 WLD Tennessee Big Shots - 2nd Place
2019 WLD Atlantic City Boardwalk Bash - Champion
2019 WLD AK Chin Smash In The Sun - Champion
2017 East Coast Classic – Champion
2017 Long Drive World Series in Dubai – Champion
2015 World Long Drive Championships – 1st place
2014 Bluff City Shootout – Champion
2013 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships – 1st Place
2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships – 2nd Place
2012 LDA Tour Champion
2012 LDA Tennessee Shootout – 3rd Place
4 Time RE/MAX World Long Drive Finalist
2011 LDA Mile High Shootout 3rd Place


Highest swing speed recorded – 156 mph
Highest ball speed recorded – 227 mph
Longest competitive drive – 474 yards


Head – PXG
Loft – 3 degree, Squared Face
Shaft – Fujikura TB Prototype XXXX
Length – 48? USGA / 50? LDA – Legal Limit
Grip – Golf Pride Tour Velvet


PXG Golf
Under Armour

Competition History

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Email Address: timburke48@gmail.com
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