Jason Zuback

WLD World Long Drive RE-MAX World Long Drive, The Long Drivers of America (LDA)
Men's Open Division
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

… In many sports the most avid of fans often belly-up to the bar for a few cold ones, while they spend hours on end arguing their points as to who is the G.O.A.T. – the “Greatest of All Time” in their favored sport, and those discussions can get fairly heated… in basketball is it Lebron or is it MJ… while in golf is it Tiger or is it the Golden Bear.

The barstools get empty pretty fast when it comes to long-drive, because there isn’t anything to discuss much less anything the argue about… the simple reason is that five-time open division World Long Drive Champion along with his win in the Masters Division championship puts Canadian Jason Zuback head and shoulders above any other competitor in the entire forty-five hear history of the sport of long drive.

Jason’s journey in long drive began no differently than most other competitors. He obtained information regarding the scheduling of qualifying events, then made the seven-hour drive to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to get a win, then decided to skip the drive back to the Canadian Regionals and instead went to Salt Lake City, Utah to compete in a local with a follow-up Regional event, which he won. You can only imagine the surprise of the many former champions whom he walked over on his way to his first world championship in 1996.

Despite his dominance at the 1996 championships, no one assumed that Jason would win again in 1997, quite simply because no one had repeated during the past ten years dating back to Wedgy Winchester’s back-to-back titles in 1985 and 1986; however, the champ quickly served notice on his fellow competitors with drives of over 400-yards in each of the qualifying rounds at the Casablanca Golf Club in Mesquite, Nevada and he topped it off with a record-setting 412-yard drive in the finals to get his second straight championship.
That same year SPORTS ILLUSTRATED glossed Jason with the nickname of “Golfzilla” and after TIME magazine repeated it that same year, the name stuck.

Although the name of the event was formally changed from the U.S. National Championship to the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship, and despite the fact that the venue was changed to the Palms Golf Club in Mesquite or the fact that the balls were changed to the Pinnacle Extreme or the fact that the champ changed drivers to use a blind-bore Titleist 975D there was no change in the final result as Golfzilla got the first-ever three-peat in long drive history, and so it went in 1999 for the four-peat.

The run ended under rainy conditions in 2000 and Golfzilla went dormant for the next five years; however, he woke up with a bang with his fifth open division championship in 2006 after “The Beast” threatened him by getting his third title in 2005.

Jason Zuback’s record over his many years in long drive competition has not just been marked by championships, it has been a journey marked by consistency during which time he has made the TV Final Eight a record ten times, while also garnering nineteen Top 25 finishes. Golfzilla went a record 1472 days without a loss in LDA-sanctioned long drive competition!

Aside from being inducted into the LDA Long Drivers of America Hall of Fame in 2003, Jason has received unparalleled acclaim for his achievements, which include print media articles about him in USA Today, Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, Golf World, Golf Illustrated, Golf Weekly, Score Magazine, Golf Tips Magazine, Vegas Golfer, ESPN Magazine and others.

Jason has also been featured in a number internationally telecast television commercials for Pinnacle Golf Balls and Cobra Golf along with a Powerade commercial, and he has also appeared on a number of television programs including “The Late Show” with Craig Killborn, as well as on featured telecasts on the Golf Channel, the Discovery Channel, Fox Sports, ESPN as well as on international telecasts on TSN (the Canada Sports Network), the BBC in the United Kingdom, SKY and DSF networks in Europe, as well as on TV Asahi in Japan.

Jason has been involved in golf-related fitness throughout his career, and since its inception in 2003 he has been a part of the prestigious TPI – Titleist Performance Institute, which is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. Jason has served as an advisory board member, and he has been an Instructor in the TPA Powercoach Certification program.

Jason Zuback ranks as being among the world’s top golf entertainers. Over the course of his career he has conducted more than five hundred exhibitions in more than twenty countries across four continents, and he remains one of the most sought-after golf entertainers to perform exhibitions across the globe.


6-time World Long Drive Champion – Open Division 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2006; Senior Division 2015
2015 World Powergolf Matchplay Champion – Senior Division
2015 World Powergolf Matchplay 2nd – Open Division
2001 International Long Drive Champion
1998 LDA Tour Champion
World Long Drive Championship (Open Division Only):
19 Top 25 Finishes
14 Top 12 Finishes
12 Top 10 Finishes
10 Final 8 Appearances
7 Top 10 Finishes in a row
3 Straight title defenses (next closest – 1 title defense)
First competitor at World Long Drive Championship to win under straight shootout and head to head match play formats
First and only competitor at World Long Drive Championship to win both the Open and the Senior Championships in first appearances in respective divisions.
1472 days without a loss in LDA sanctioned Long Drive competition.
All-time leading money winner in Long Drive history
Recognized Guinness World Record for the fastest ball in all of sports in 2007-2013. Included in the 2013 Guinness Book of World Records Hard Copy.


Head – Krank F6 4.0*
Shaft – Fujikura Flywire XX/XXX, XPHLEXXX BUSA Liquid 2 Prototype X/XX
Grip –Golf Pride Tour Velvet


Krank Golf, TPI, Foot-Joy, Sligo Golf, Golf Pride


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Email Address: golfzilla@shaw.ca
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