Jeff Gavin

Men's Masters Division
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The physical demands of the modern sport of long drive are such that most of the top Open Division competitors are in their early-to-mid twenties = in their prime; however, one somewhat older competitor stands out among them, the Freak.

There are plenty of fifty-one year old Canadian snowbirds who fly south for the winter in order to get a little sunshine as well as to escape the harsh Canadian winters; however, one very big (at 6’4”-tall and 235-pounds of all muscle) unusually large SnowHawk out of Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada occasionally slips down amongst them, likewise to enjoy the warmer weather, but more specifically to feast on the easy pickens at stateside long drive competitions.

... and, the Freak isn’t just coming down to grab the lunch money of his fellow over-45 Master’s Division competitors, he is also dead-set on ruining the party for any unsuspecting, youngster Open Division competitors.

Since turning 45-years-of-age more than six years ago Jeff Gavin has been a dominant force in the Masters Division, grabbing the 2014 Re/MAX World Championship along with another two second place finishes in that division, as well as numerous tour event victories in both the USA as well as at a number of major international long drive events.

More significantly, like the ghost of Christmas Past, the Freak refuses to give the youngsters any kind of a break in the Open Division, having qualified for the open division world long drive championships in each of the last sixteen straight years.

… and during the past decade the Freak has made the TV Final Eight in the Open Division three times… in 2009, and then again in 2011 and most lastly in 2015.

During the most recently held world long drive championships in 2019, the Freak became the oldest competitor (at age 51) to make the Top 16 Match Play Finals at the World Long Drive Championship, and he accomplished that feat while also competing in the Masters Division qualifying rounds as well as the finals rounds!

Although no one can deny that he is a fine fellow, you can be certain that the much younger open division long drive competitors are not eagerly awaiting the looming shadow of the Freak circling above them during the upcoming 2021 Professional Long Drivers tour event season.


2015, 2011, 2009 World Long Drive Championships – Top 8
2014 World Long Drive Championships (Masters) – 1st Place
2014 Cold shootout – 1st Place
North Carolina Championships – 1st Place
Bash For Cash – 1st Place
Mile High Shootout – 1st Place
Desert Launch – 1st Place
Players Tour Orlando – 1st Place
Big Cotton Classic – 1st Place


Krank Formula 11 LD Driver
Loft – 3 degrees
Shaft – Fujikura Flywire – Hot Code Red
Length – 48? USGA
Grip – Switch Grip


Krank Golf


Competition History

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