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The European Long Drive Association is responsible for the branding, marketing, and execution of European Long Drive Games and other long drive events under the ELDA organizational banner. As one of the world’s newest long drive associations, members are dedicated to supporting and progressing the sport of long drive for big hitters across a number of European countries. Founded in January 2019 as an initiative of actively competing European long drive professionals, the ELDA is the umbrella organization for the sport of long drive in Europe.

ELDA Organizational Objectives

The purpose of the European Long Drive Association is three-fold, including the care, promotion and exercise of long drive sporting events and competitions in Europe and beyond. In particular, the ELDA goals are realized by organizing, coordinating, and hosting long drive events for amateur long drivers on an international level. The ELDA additionally represents and coordinates all long drive professionals and pro long drive events in Europe (and other future locations). Organizational objectives include reorganizing past events and bringing the highest levels of professionalism to the sport. That includes establishing, implementing and enforcing standard rules for operating and ranking ELDA Long Drive Games.

Establish Olympic Discipline

As the sport of long drive grows internationally, the ELDA’s ultimate goal is to establish and maintain long drive competitions as an Olympic discipline. The ELDA is the patron of International Long Drive and strives for creating and maintaining a fair, emotional, passionate, clean, modern, and exciting sport. The ELDA has also formed an international network of European long drive executives, representing the countries of Finland, Sweden, Balkan, UK, France, Malta, Greece, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Action Authorized European Agents

ELDA executives are fully enacted, action authorized agents, who are exclusively in charge of representing and developing the long drive sport in their catchment area. Moreover, European Long Drive Association Long Drive Games are characterized by excellence in sportsmanship, brotherhood, and collegiality between all players. The ELDA strives to conserve the unique spirit and specialty of the sport as well as to keep long drive competition a "players´ game".

Welcome to the Universe of the European Long Drive Association!

Tour Headquarters:

Powering Drives GmbH

Schwanseestr. 79a

81549 Munich

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