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Long Drive For Heroes 

Pro-Vet-Military Long Drive Fundraising Events

Welcome to Long Drive for Heroes tour information page. LD4H is your online source for Fundraising Long Drive Events for 2021. We work closely with our partners to raise funds for men and women who have given their lives to serve and protect their country and others. Please help us support our brave service members and first responders that we owe so much to for protecting this great country. We also act as a management company for pro long drive athletes; and currently manages several top male and female competitors.


The mission of Long Drive for Heroes is to connect our Professional/Veteran Long Drive Competitors with local golf communities. While open to raising money for other charities, our partnership is with the John Daly and Major Edward Pulido Foundation (Heart of a Lion) and our long time partner Folds of Honor Foundation.

Our focus is to support the men and women who have given their lives to serve and protect their country and the well-being of others. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that may occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war and combat, as well as those who have been threatened with death or seriously injured. Long Drive for Heroes works with event organizers to entertain tournament participants by creating excitement around the long drive shots of our Professional, Veteran, and Military competitors. Long Drive for Heroes provides event coordinators an proven professional fundraising platform, raises awareness for the charitable cause, and assist the charity in reaching their fundraising goals and objectives. Long Drive for Heroes targets life after the service for military, para-military, and individuals to provide the most sincere support during their transition of dealing with PTSD. 

Long Drive for Heroes Invitational 

Cameron University Facility Lawton, Oklahoma

September 11-12, 2021

Military Qualifier: September 11th at 10:00am-12:00pm

64-Man Open Qualifier: September 12th, 2021 TBD

Registration Link: https://www.winningticket.com/ld4h-invitational-2021 - Registration: $750

Prize Purse $50,000 (minimum) 

  • 1st - $20,000
  • 2nd - $11,000
  • 3rd - $ 5,000
  • 4th - $ 4,000
  • 5th - $ 3,000
  • 6th - $ 2,750
  • 7th - $ 2,250
  • 8th - $ 2,000

Set up will be 4 groups of 16. With times to be set based on the field. Registration will be through The Winning Ticket for this event. Updates on travel restrictions with the Coronavirus may cause the field size to change but the purse will not.

Committed - LD4H Invitational Field:
  • Justin James, USA
  • Justin Moose, USA
  • Bry Roberts, Wales
  • Mikeal DuBois, USA
  • Dan Macintosh, Canada
  • Chad Cesarz, USA
  • Josh Koch, USA
  • Jacob Golliday, USA
  • Jacob Gill, Canada
  • Andrew Herbert, USA
  • Jason Vickers, South Africa
  • Jordan Brooks, England
  • Brandon Flynn, USA
  • Jeff Gavin, Canada
  • Ken Long, Canada
  • Cody Owens, USA
  • Donghyuk Lee, South Korea
  • Tim Burke, USA
  • Nick Vorbeck, USA
  • Will Hogue, USA
  • Hunter Noell, USA
  • Jon Frazier, USA
  • Kyle Berkshire, USA
  • Damyon Dooley, USA
  • Andrew Witmarsh, USA
  • Kevin Shook, USA
  • Kasten Massen, USA
  • Wes Patterson, USA
  • Reid Russell, USA
  • Aaron Hoffman, USA
  • Ryan Gregnol, Canada
  • Maurice Allen, USA
  • Mark Costello, USA
  • Ben Tuaone, USA
  • Joe Miller, England
  • Mitch Grassing, Canada
  • Cody Wheeler, USA
  • Chris Hall, USA
  • Mark Costello, USA
  • Kody Zurek, USA
  • Landon Carbol, USA
  • Matt Nicolle, England
  • Jeff Schmuck, USA
  • Zac Holten, USA
  • Bobby Bradley, USA
  • Brian Kelly, USA
  • Andrew Eigner, USA
  • Spencer McDaniel, USA

Heart of Lion Invitational

Dothan Country Club Dothan, Alabama

October 11th-13th, 2021

18-Man Open Qualifier: October 8th, 2021 TBD

Registration: $400 (Top 8 from LD4H Invitational)

Registration: $600 Other Invitees

Prize Purse $18,000 (minimum)

  • 1st - $ 6,500
  • 2nd - $ 4,000
  • 3rd - $ 3,000
  • 4th - $ 2,000
  • 5th - $ 1,500
  • 6th - $ 1,000

Set up will be 2 groups of 9. With times to be set based on the field. Registration will be through Pro Long Drive with updates on travel restrictions with the Coronavirus the field size can possibly change.

The other two (2) Long Drive for Heroes events are the Red River Shootout which will be a team event between Oklahoma and Texas. After a discussion with all players, dates and times will be posted in a followup email. The Heart of Lion Shootout will be Memorial Day 2022. The details will be worked out with Shawn (Dothan, AL).

More information to come...
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