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Do you want to become a long ball hitter? The Professional Long Drivers Association (PLDA) is dedicated to growing the sport in every corner of the globe. Through our worldwide contigency of affiliates, PLDA will be hosting grassroots qualifying events to identify big hitters in amateur, ladies, and pro long drive divisions. Like some of today’s professional long drivers, many of these prospective big hitters may already be elite athletes in other fields but looking for opportunities to compete against top competitors for cash, prizes, and the coveted title of PLDA World Long Drive Champion.

The sport of long drive is a heart-pumping thrill ride that is filled with drama, as competitors take center stage under the bright lights and in front of hundreds of fans who are “hoot-and-hollering” for their favorite long ball hitters. Adrenaline-drenched, the World Championship Tour has been described as “golf’s greatest spectacle” with the Open Division PLDA World Champion taking home $100,000 while securing their place in the history of the sport. But, you will need to bring your A-Game for this one, and have the dedication and physical stamina to survive each knockout round.

Long drivers must be a member of Professional Long Drivers Association to earn money, prizes, and points at PLDA Regional and Championship long drive events. PLDA membership is available to both amateurs and professionals but a competitor's status must be declared at registration prior to competing in a PLDA event. A seasonal amateur membership fee is $150 and a PLDA professional membership fee is $300 annually. PLDA Tour Event Formats will vary based on competition host site and available time to complete competition. A format may or may not be announced in advance and fields may be limited. Some competitions will have an open-ended registration process that may modify the type of format, if needed.

PLDA Format – World Championship Qualifying Events

Whether you are competing in the Open, Ladies, Senior or Junior divisions, there are three stages that include Local, Regional, and Championship qualifying events. Each are discussed in more detail below:

  • Local Qualifiers – If you are new to the sport of long drive, competiting in a local PLDA qualifying event will establish your qualifying drive distance. Hitters pay an entry ($40) for each attempt and are given 2 minutes and 30 seconds to hit 6 drives. The distance for each drive landing within the boundaries is recorded and the longest drive counts as the hitter’s score. As time permits, you can pay to make as many attempts as desired and one player advances to regional qualifying for every six paid attempts.
  • Regional Qualifiers – The field for a Regional Qualifier is derived from local qualifying events conducted across the United States, Europe, Japan, etc. PLDA membership* and a regional entry fee of $150 for amateurs and $250 for pros is required. Regional Qualifiers allow for an unlimited number of competitors.
  • Championship Qualifiers – To qualify for the PLDA World Championship, competitors must have proven his or her position as the top 128 Open, 32 Seniors, and 32 Ladies hitters. Long drivers will be grouped into pods of sixteen round robin eliminations with the top half of the pod advancing to the next round. This will determine the top 16 Open Division, top 8 Senior Division, and top 8 Ladies Division hitters to compete in match play for the PLDA World Long Drive Championship.

*Amateur membership fee is $150 and Professional membership is $300 per season.

PLDA Tour event formats may vary as determined by the host site and the time available to complete the scheduled events. The format for some events will be announced in advance, especially those with limited fields, but other PLDA events may have an open-ended registration process that can modify the event format if needed. Since limiting the fields is contrary to the PLDA’s goal of encouraging more competitors to participate, modified formats will be kept to a minimum.

Professional Long Drivers Association – 2021 Schedule


  • July 9 – 11
  • Stark’s Golf Course
  • Port Rowen, Ontario Canada



The Professional Long Drive Association (“PLDA”) operates or sanctions long drive competitions throughout the world, including but not limited to, local or regional Long Drive Qualifying Series events, PLDA Tour events, and the PLDA World Championship. All competitions are open to anyone who meets the criteria set forth herein.  Depending on participation levels, the PLDA may divide Hitters into different Divisions. 


  • Open Division
  • Minimum Drive 280 yards
  • Ladies Division
  • Minimum Drive 240 yards
  • Senior Division
  • Men 45+ Minimum Drive 260 yards
  • Boys and Girls Junior
  • Minimum Drive 200 yards

Qualified Drives

Each competitor is given six balls to achieve his or her longest possible drive in two (2) minutes and thirty (30) seconds on the clock. To record a “qualified drive”, the long driver’s ball must land and come to rest within the specified boundaries of the grid. A hitter’s ball touching any part of the grid boundary will be considered “In Play”. Regardless as to whether the hitter’s ball comes back in bounds, the ball may not contact any obstruction or surface outside the defined grid. Should a competitor’s ball touch another hitter’s ball within the designated grid, both balls will be in play where they come to rest.


Balls – At all sanctioned PLDA competitions, hitters are required to use the golf ball provided by the PLDA.

Tees – Any tee used during a PLDA competition must conform to USGA Rules of Golf (Appendix IV – Devices and Other Equipment – Rule II).

Clubs – Golf clubs used in PLDA-sanctioned competitions must appear on the United States Golf Association (USGA) Conforming List, which is available at Moreover, any clubs used in PLDA competitions must conform with the USGA Rules of Golf (Appendix II, 1c), which limits club length to a maximum of forty-eight inches.

Contact PLDA

Professional Long Drivers Association

1146 Dudley Road, Newton Grove

North Carolina 28366, United States

Call us at:

801-628-5340 or 910-658-0087

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