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Xtreme Long Drive Tour

Sporting events around the world have taken a hard hit due to the coronavirus pandemic that arrived in the United States in early spring. Everything from the schedules for the nation’s upper tier of professional sports to local amateur competitions was completely turned upside down. In the blink of an eye, sanctioning bodies, event promoters, competitors, members of the media, sponsors, and fans were confronted with stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions that changed or completely re-arranged their plans for 2020. Unfortunately for participants of the World Long Drive Championship, tour operations were suspended due to the financial and logistical impact of the pandemic and its negative affect on the sport of long drive. Fortunately, the Xtreme Long Drive (XLD) Tour, which is operated by Ultimate Long Drive, Inc (ULD), had plans in place to utilize the XLD pro tour as a feeder system to the World Long Drive Championships in men’s open, women’s open and master’s divisions. Based in Myrtle Beach, SC, ULD assists aspiring pro and amateur long drive competitors from around the world as they advance up the ranks.

Jeff Crittenden’s Xtreme Long Drive Tour

After multiple years dedicated to establishing the Amateur Long Drive (ALD) Championship Series, series owner Ultimate Long Drive, Inc, had plans in place to launch Xtreme Long Drive. Through qualifiers, tour stops, league competitions, and the XLD championship finals, ULD would license professional long drive competitions to provide opportunities for both aspiring and accomplished long drivers. When the ULD launched their search for a Tour Commissioner, two-time World Long Drive Master’s Champion Jeff Crittenden had the profile that matched all the criteria. Nicknamed “Critter” during his high school days, Jeff is a former Director of Instruction at the North Carolina Golf Academy in Greensboro, NC, who has the personal experience of overcoming numerous obstacles to rise to the top tier of the sport. That’s why it was so appropriate that the 2020-2021 Jeff Crittenden’s Xtreme Long Drive Tour bears his name. Over a dozen tour season events along with four major championship events will be hosted at world-class venues providing opportunities for professionals and amateurs alike to earn their way to the World’s Challenge Series concluding in September in Chicago, IL. Cog Hill Golf & Country Club features the long drive’s first purpose-made long drive grid in the world.

2020 Xtreme Long Drive Tour Events

With limited opportunities available for tournament venues during the pandemic, Bryan Park Golf & Conference Center in Greensboro, NC, hosted Jeff Crittenden’s 2020 Xtreme Long Drive Tour Championship on October 31, and November 1, 2020. As much as event organizers had hoped for a multi-national competition, travel restrictions and border closures limited the event to competitors sheltering in the United States. The XLD Tour launched in 2020 with three divisions:

XLD Championship - Bryan Park Driving Range

  • Open Men
  • Champion – Scott Pearman 348.3 yards
  • Runner Up – Wes Patterson OB
  • Open Women
  • Champion – Kananai Lodge 293.8 yards
  • Runner Up – Jamie O’Neill 268 yards
  • Masters 45+
  • Champion – Jeff Crittenden 338.9 yards
  • Runner Up – Mike Bauman 333.2 yards

Additional divisions can be added at select events beginning in 2021. In the Men’s Open division Scott Pearman (two-time ALD Champion) took first place honors defeating Wes Patterson with a 348.3-yard blast. Justin James (2018 World Long Drive Champion) had the event’s longest drive at 353.1 yards. Kanani Lodge defeated Jamie O’Neill for first place in the Women’s Open division with a long drive of 293.8 yards. Critter had the longest ball of the day in the Master 45+ finals defeating his longtime rival Mike Bauman.

Corn Field Classic - Willow Creek Golf Course

  • Open Men
  • Champion – Jim Waldron 381 yards
  • Runner Up – Jeff Crittenden 366 yards
  • Open Women
  • Champion – Mary Driscol 304 yards
  • Runner Up – Jamie O’Neill 300 yards
  • Masters 45+
  • Champion – Jeff Crittenden 370 yards
  • Runner Up – Daryl McCumming 315 yards

Willow Creek Golf Course in Des Moines IA hosted the Corn Field Classic on September 25 – 26. In the Men’s Open Division Jim Waldron had the longest drive of the tournament with a 391-yard blast in the semi-final round. Waldron backed it up with a 381-yard blast in the finals to claim top honors over Jeff Crittenden’s 366-yard drive. Mary Driscol had the long drive in the Women’s Open division with a 325-yard semi-final drive and went on to claim victory over Jamie O’Neill in the Women’s final. Master’s winner Jeff Crittenden posted a 378-yard semi-final shot for long ball in his division. Critter backed it up in the final round with a 370-yard blast to eliminate Daryl McCumming.

Crush in the Canyon - Mesquite Sports Complex

  • Open Men
  • Champion – Ryan Winther 376 yards
  • Runner Up – Ryan Reisback 374 yards
  • Open Women
  • Champion – Mary Driscol 324 yards
  • Masters 45+
  • Champion – Jeff Critenden 352 yards
  • Runner Up – Paul Cleary (a) 335 yards

Men’s Open Champion Ryan Winther carded a 376-yard drive in the final round to slip past Ryan Reisbeck’s 374-yard blast at the August 1 Crush the Canyon long drive event at Mesquite NV. Mary Driscol claimed top honors in the Women’s Open with a shot of 324-yards. In the Master’s division, Jeff Crittenden posted a 352-yard final round drive to eliminate amateur runner-up Paul Cleary at 335-yards.

2021 XLD World Challenge Series 

Ultimate Long Drive, Inc (ULD)* is always searching for qualified individuals to operate future Xtreme Long Drive tournaments in the USA and abroad. If you are interested or would like to volunteer to assist a ULD licensee in your area, contact us. In 2021, XLD Tour events will be hosted at world-class venues. Professional and amateur long drivers alike have the opportunity to compete in World Challenge Series competitions.

Xtreme Long Drive Tour

  • World Challenge Series Event #1
  • Suncoast World Challenge
  • Premier Sports Campus - Lakewood Ranch, FL
  • February 6th – 7th
  • World Challenge Series Event #2
  • Crush the Canyon World Shootout
  • Mesquite Sports Complex - Mesquite Nevada
  • April 24th – 25th

*NOTE: Ultimate Long Drive, Inc (ULD) is based in Myrtle Beach, SC and operates the ALD™ (Amatuer Long Drive™) Championship Series and the XLD™ (Xtreme Long Drive™) Series.

Premier Sports Complex is 550 yard long by 300 yard wide world-class soccer facility in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Combined with the Bradenton Area Sports Commission, this facility has the amenities to host a large-scale event. Mesquite Sports and Event Complex has been dubbed the home of Long Drive by many in the world of long drive. The facility hosted the World Championship in 2008-2012. This world-class facility was designed to host long drive events. Balloon Fiesta Park is the home of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta every October. This event is the largest of its kind in the world. The facility includes a 400 yard driving range, 6 hole short game course, 6 multi purpose sports fields. The long drive event will  feature a 550 yard long grid by 150 yards wide with spectacular views and amenities. Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Chicago is synonymous with championship golf and recently built the only purpose made grid for Long Drive in the world.

New Divisions for 2021 XLD Leagues

XLD Leagues make up a developmental series. Events are held in conjunction with the ALD schedule. Q-Series events are World Championship Qualfiiers. The XLD Tour includes Four (4) World Challenge events. Tour World Challenges Series events will include three new divisions for competition. The Senior division will be for hitters 50 to 54. Super Seniors will be for hitters 55 to 59. The Legends division will be for hitter’s 60+.

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